WINGS AND WOUNDS (Inside The Gray)

by Graves 33 & Sarx

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Skeks* I just gotta say that it's painful to see so few people supporting this guy. I've been listening to him for many years and he keeps holdin' it down consistently. I still crave new releases and love when he collaborates because he always works with equally worthwhile artists. Thinkin man's lyrics over bangin beats...what's not to love?


Wings And Wounds is a two man group comprised of Singer/Rapper, Aaron "Sarx" Donogh and Producer/Singer/Rapper, Desmond "Graves 33" Hansen. Together they have released an EP including 6 very tight tracks that featured collaborations with artists such as Seattle's Rap OG's Suntonio Bandanaz & Julie C as well as a banging track featuring the very talented song writer Open Mike Eagle. On the new full length Wings And Wounds album titled "Inside The Gray" Graves 33 took on many roles during its creation. Among the hats he wore was Producer / Engineer / Songwriter / Performer / Executive Producer and even took on the challenge of being the Artist that accomplished the Artwork for the cover. He spends his time making beats and producing songs for many artists from rapper to singers. When Graves produces tracks for Sarx or even for their combined group, Wings And Wounds it always comes out the other end with a unique fingerprint that places them among the most elite rap groups coming out of Seattle. On songs like "The Truth Hurts" they are letting you in on some gems that took them years to realize. On tracks like "Sewing The Seeds" they talk about being new fathers and hoping the state of the world doesn't vacuum the innocence from them before they have a fair chance to develop. Fast forward and you will find two contrasted artists who are still very much embedded in their family lives and keeping our heads above water. The proceeds from ITG will go to the vinyl pressing of the album and new physical goods. Your investment in truly independent groups and artists is one of the biggest forms of gratitude and it gives them the ability to continue to share their creations and works of art with the world. In the music video for the track "Death Of The Pep Rally" ,featuring New Haven Connecticut death chop rapper Ceschi Ramos (Fake Four Inc.) came together on the track it was to tell a story of three starving artists who have given up on getting you to not give up and at this point can only be grateful for the path they've traveled. The song tells you their hardships and thanks you for being devoted fans and the relationships fans have forged with the artists in todays industry can be huge or it can be nonexistent.
All Proceeds from ITG goes directly back into vinyl pressings, shirt printings, stickers, buttons and other ways that Wings And Wounds and Thirty Three LLC can magnify their presence in your life. When you think of putting on a good album to listen to, Graves 33 and Sarx want you to press play on "Inside The Gray".
"After you have purchased our new album we will continue cutting our path to the base of the mountain. Then we can climb it. This album sums up our existence as artists and opens the doors in your mind that have been shut for way too long"


released April 8, 2016

Produced, Recorded, Arranged, Mixed and Mastered by Graves 33. Also songs Written and Performed by Sarx.



all rights reserved


Graves33 Seattle

Graves 33: a northwest Hip Hop artist with a true eclectic sound. A sometimes even encrypted lyrical content. He has performed at shows with some of the biggest influences in the industry, artists such as Wu-Tang Clan, Artifacts, Das Efx, Myka9, 2Mex, Awol One, Qwel & Maker, Dark Time Sunshine, Mac Lethal, Open Mike Eagle, Paranoid Castle, Astronautalis, Macklemore, Busdriver, Ceschi, Sadistik ... more

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Track Name: Death Of The Pep Rally ft. CESCHI
written by Sarx, Graves 33 and Ceschi Ramos
Track Name: Chariots
Written by Graves 33 and Sarx
Track Name: Scales Tip ft. FOREFEATHER
Written by Graves 33, Sarx and Forefeather
Track Name: Upside Down Crosses
Written by Graves 33 and Sarx
Track Name: Freedom Seekers
Written by Graves 33 and Sarx
Track Name: Inside The Gray
Written by Graves 33 and Sarx
Track Name: Scars Of Our Lives
Written by Graves 33 and Sarx
Track Name: The Truth Hurts
Written by Graves 33 and Sarx
Track Name: Jacob And Joan
Written by Sarx and Graves 33
Track Name: Sewing The Seeds
Written by Graves 33 and Sarx
Track Name: The End Is Near
Written by Graves 33 and Sarx