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The Influenza lasted 5 days. I call it Influenza here because, the flu is a timid and sugary way of putting it. I hallucinated, fainted, and convulsed uncontrollably - Influenza.
Before I had this morbid virus, lying dormant was a complete acapella version of "Banner for Boxed in" by Graves 33 - on my hard drive and, I was already kicking myself in the ass about not re-mixing the project before my sickness settled. When I got sick, I realized it was time to get ill. Fuck you if that sounds corny.
I just didn't have the time, is what I told myself...even though I requested the acapellas in the first place...only to have not touched them 6 months later. I even put aside 30 or so samples, a few times, specifically for Graves, but used them for other beats - like a jerk. In so many ways, I felt I owed Graves a fat batch of songs he could release at descretion or perform in a new light. The guy saved my ass a few times and has always answered the call for collaboration.
And then God made me sick as shit. Or someone not working for God, made me sick as shit. And I sat down at my computer and midi controller. And I opened up the acapella for "A Cute Angle". And I became immediately obsessive and overbearing like starting 4 sentences in a row with: And. And then 50 minutes later I was done with the first of 18 songs, sweating all over my keyboard and mumbling. 3 days later, I was listening to the entire album redux with some friends, over a stinky combination of La Fin Du Monde and boxed wine...slightly harboring the Influenza that days earlier I would've called; death. Proceeding this listening party was a 40 hour psychedelic fueled birthday adventure but, thats another story.
As I should be saying by now, Graves is a close friend, a musical inspiration, and a hard working artist. I respect the man for his dedication and attention to his work, and Im a fan of his art and music because its evoking and dope. As a beat maker and producer he has been one of my top influences over the years with his work on "My Open Wounds", "the 24 Hours to Live EP", and on the original version of "Banner for Boxed in", too name a few. As a songwriter, his esoteric concepts, and variations in cadences and delivery style are a pleasure to remix. I approached his songs with a beat style I feel is golden era Hip-Hop influenced, and in the vein of jam bands and lo-fidelity tastes. Although I was sick and highly irrational in the head about most nuances of an already confusing reality- confusing when I am without virus - I aimed at a continuity not only in equalization of frequency ranges, but a continuity in drum patterns, song lengths, and grit. If I failed in my aims, sue temp was 104 at the time.
As I cannot one up a friend, or even take the stupid attempt to do so against such masterfully crafted production, as achieved by Graves on the original album, I sit comfortable knowing this remix version will more than satisfy those Hip-Hop heads still nodding along to classic boom bap production. Respect, live long, and awkward. - Phreewil.


released February 4, 2014

Phreewil made the beats and Graves 33 spit raps.
All lyrics are from the original Graves 33 album entitled "Banner For Boxed In"



all rights reserved


Graves33 Seattle

Graves 33: a northwest Hip Hop artist with a true eclectic sound. A sometimes even encrypted lyrical content. He has performed at shows with some of the biggest influences in the industry, artists such as Wu-Tang Clan, Artifacts, Das Efx, Myka9, 2Mex, Awol One, Qwel & Maker, Dark Time Sunshine, Mac Lethal, Open Mike Eagle, Paranoid Castle, Astronautalis, Macklemore, Busdriver, Ceschi, Sadistik ... more

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